VR Video Games


This kind of reality is not something new. Companies and manufacturers have spent decades behind creating devices and video games based on this advanced technology that users like so much, and most experts believe it will be the future for sure.

The virtual experience is a set of environments and objects that the user can access through a direct immersion that occurs through a device in the case of virtual reality glasses. There are other devices through which you can use to experience this immersion, such as helmets, peripherals, or gloves, among others.

Virtual Reality

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Non-immersive reality is what we are used to in standard video games or on the computer itself.

Virtual Reality Games: What Are They And How To Use Them?

The games for virtual glasses or other devices of this new form of reality are the new generation of video games that are allowing an immersive user experience while playing. Thus, when the video game starts, the player carrying the device sees himself immersed in the game environment and surrounded by the objects that appear in it.

From there, you can use the device controls or external controls to move through the game and start playing differently than before.

Usually, the device for virtual reality games are glasses that visually isolate you from the outside and control your movements in such a way that it seems that you are totally in the game.

However, virtual reality games are also available for other platforms without the need to use glasses of this type to enjoy them. The investment is not of such quality, but there are options for those who want to try them before buying the set.

Among The Games That Support This Virtual Technology We Would Have:

  • Games for PC.
  • Android games.
  • iPhone games.
  • Online games.

If you are interested in living a virtual experience as if you were in the games themselves, you have more options.

In recent years we have attended as spectators the battle of several companies for the domain of virtual reality. Video games have been the scene of this ‘battle’ for the conquest of the youngest market that has adapted to this new way of understanding reality through VR glasses.

One of the companies that offer the most excellent variety and diversity of content and continues to provide is Samsung, which through its Samsung Gear VR has allowed its users to access content such as games, movies, applications, trips, events and shows, documentaries and news.

3D reality and 360º vision allow users of these virtual reality glasses to use their smartphone to live all kinds of experiences without leaving the living room at home.

The Actuality in Virtual Reality

Perhaps the most novel concept is the incorporation of virtual reality applied to journalism and the media. According to the Future Today Institute, this is one of the trends for 2019. LOS40 will be part of this new trend by offering current content on its website through this platform.

The feeling of immersion and realism is so strong that it seems that the glasses will transport us in space and time. You have to fit our smartphone in its front and let “another reality” happen inside them. Also, they have a tactile side panel to interact with the objects of the contents.

Do you want to know New York from the air, and visit the canals of Venice without fear of ‘acqua alta’? The glasses will take you.

Do you dare to sit next to Chris Martin’s piano during a Coldplay concert, or do you prefer to live it from the front row? The Samsung Gear VR will bring you closer to your life. Or if you are more attracted to an art show like Cirque du Soleil, you can also.

With the help of its touchpad side touchpad, the movements of your head, or a compatible gamepad, you can star in each video game in the first person. Immerse yourself in impossible worlds, navigate space, solve puzzles. You can even connect a Bluetooth gamepad so that playing video games is the immersive experience you were looking for.

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