Strategy games are those games or entertainment in which the intelligence factor, technical skills, and planning and deployment can make the player predominate or propel the victory of the game.

Players can play the role of an entrepreneur, a head of state, a general, or any other character, in which they will have to develop a series of strategies. Managing the resources available, to win a battle, get money or points, a specific position, etc., and thus achieve the final objective.

Strategy Games Can Divide in Multiple Ways

According to the Structure of the Game

  • Pure or dependent strategy in some measure of chance.
  • Mathematical resolution or not

Number of Players

  • Two or more
  • Individuals or cooperatives.

Management / Combat Balance

  • Strategic: the emphasis depends on resource management, diplomacy, and research (for example, Diplomacy and Civilization)
  • Tactics: it focuses on combat.
  • Operational: intermediate between the previous ones.

According to the Elements Used:

  • Cards
  • Miniatures
  • Boards
  • Token
  • Video games

According to the Theme

  • Thematic

In this category, there are countless sub-genres, such as military, business, government, professions, fantastic, space, etc.


These games are complicated and usually represent wars or military battles. Tokens and miniatures are representing the different military grades, regiments, or armaments. Tables are also commonly used in which the values of each combat unit are represented. Known examples of this kind of game are Tactics, Squad Leader, Panzerblitz, or Waterloo 1815.

Miniatures Game

They are board games that use miniatures, but not on a board but a model or a diorama.


In a card game, we should generally look for a successful combination of cards that can beat our opponent.

In addition to traditional card games such as poker, mus, bridge, or tute, there are games with other types of cards such as the UNO or Nabuko Generals and Conquerors. Which combines the strategy in the use of cards with Learning the universal history, or collectible card games, such as the famous Magic.

Board Games

Chips are items in which the game takes place on a board, usually with geometric positions. The oldest examples are ladies, backgammon, dominoes, chess, go, and Parcheesi in all its varieties.

More modern examples are Monopoly, Scrabble, Reversi or Core.

Video Game

There are strategy video games of many types and many themes. They can be in real-time or in shifts.

Within the genre, in real-time, some of the most successful games have been Dune 2, Command & Conquer, Ancient Art of War, Age of Empires, Starcraft, and Warcraft.

On the side of turn-based games, among the best known are the classics Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic and their sequels, as well as other empire-building games.


They are all those games in which the participants are bound to carry out specific actions, such as mimicry, drawing, lip-reading, imitation of an animal, etc. The game Tangles (Twister according to the title of the original version in English) belongs for example to this category of games, in it, the players must be placed on a large square board and put their hands and feet in the places of the board indicated by the rules throughout a game.

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