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Living an epic adventure and saving the world is the dream of many children (and adults too). RPG games offer the possibility of immersing yourself in these types of stories and living great adventures, discovering incredible powers, and using much of our intelligence to solve puzzles and puzzles.

In the world of video games, as well as in the cinema, there are different categories. Several share the same name, such as action, adventure, and mystery. But there are other more particular, such as the so-called shooters, survival horror (equivalent to a thriller), and the one that summons us today: the Role Playing Game or RPG.

Why RPG is the Best Genre

This genre was not born in video games and is an adaptation of role-playing games inspired by following a story assuming, as its name says, the role of a character who is involved in a story.

In the case of video games, this concept is active, but in a slightly different way. Since it is a single-player, who enters the story and follows a path predetermined by the machine, which already is tracing beforehand, this fact distances them a bit from traditional RPGs, which are managed by a master, or game guide.

RPG in video games is a genre that everyone doesn’t like. Many times the mechanics of the game complicate the user or bores him, so generally, the most staunch gamers are those who are interested in these titles. RPG isn’t the best choice if you are looking to spend only a while in front of the console.

The above is obvious in the hours that are necessary to finish a game of this type: more than 40. A typical video game has about 15 to 20 hours of play, however RPGs, for those who want to make the most of it, can even reach 90 or 100 hours of the game.

Rich Lore Stories

The mechanics of this genre are almost always the same. Although there are small variations between title and title, the constant is to level up through many battles that gain experience points that can then be applied to different skills that the character is learning through the game. The story is also always similar and is telling the hero’s journey: he or the protagonist, usually ordinary people, is faced with an extraordinary situation. And together with some allies, they embark on a day in which they will meet great friends and powerful enemies, which will lead them to save or change the world, one way or another.

Thinking about people looking for intense stories, RPGs are an excellent alternative. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that when you understand the game mechanics, there is immersion in the story, and the player is looking for better challenges, it can also transform into a real vice.

This type of game, yes, is recommended for pre-teenagers. Several factors can even shape the personality of a boy or girl, and also develop some skills that at twelve or thirteen can be very useful in the future. For example, every battle you face must be organized, with a strategy and applying a certain logic to defeat the enemy, since he is immune to certain elements and weak to others.

Example of a Battle

Another point in favor is that the stories generally address issues related to politics and moral values, human. Of course, with the perspective of the adventure, involved in an epic and incredible journey (which with the graphic capabilities of the current consoles is amazing), so that learning will pleasantly take place. And finally, for those who want to reinforce English, some titles have no translation into Spanish (neither in voices nor in written dialogues), so it is also an excellent opportunity to practice the language.

RPGs are excellent games, in many ways. Leaving aside the ‘addiction’ factor, they contain many more pros than cons. It is like reading an adventure of epic proportions, but with the possibility of interacting and being part of it, making decisions that will affect the plot, which will never be the same. And by the way, learn some mythological concepts and lessons that history leaves.

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