FPS Games


Definition of FPS (First Person Shooter)

Like the different categories of sport, video games have also been creating genres. Throughout all these years of existence, a series of classes exist, which we can fit each creation available on the market.

One of these categories, which enjoys great popularity today, is the First Person Shooter (FPS), a type of game in which we put ourselves in the skin of the protagonist to see the action in the first person.

In an FPS we see only the hands of our character and the weapon that he carries. And we control it well using the keyboard or through the joystick or control of the video console or whatever device.

The themes of the FPS can be very diverse: some simulate real historical conflicts, with a great preeminence of World War II between the items (something that, in fact, also happens with literature and cinematography on the subject), or imaginary scenarios such as wars in space in A dystopian future.

FPS games can add touches of other genres, such as strategy (weaving tactics to attack the enemy where they don’t expect it or infiltrate between their lines), or solving puzzles and puzzles.

What they do usually have all these video games is a network game mode, so that we can play against other amateur players to the same title, either all against all, faced on two sides, or by teams.

The FPS Phenomenon Began Strongly in The Early 1990s

With titles such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, which were later followed by other mythical titles such as Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, or Half-Life.

It is not that before there were no video games of this type. Still, the technical advances in the hardware and its higher power, have allowed obtaining titles with more spectacular and real graphics, with which the feeling of immersion in the proposed environments, is much more realistic.

The future of FPS goes, without a doubt, through virtual reality. Because what is more immersive than getting into not only the protagonist’s skin but in the same scenario where the action takes place?

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