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Scalable City opens at The Exploratorium

Our world is edging more and more towards digital environments. What are the societal and cultural implications? Does it change the way we think? The way we feel? Virtual Unreality, a new interactive exhibition in the Exploratorium’s Seeing Gallery, brings […]


Scalable City on Exhibit at National Academy of Sciences

After Los Angeles, Warsaw, Linz, and Shanghai, Washington D.C. is the newest venue for an interactive multimedia art installation developed by University of California, San Diego Visual Arts professor and CRCA director Sheldon Brown. Components of his Scalable City project […]


MOCA Shanghai – Video Documentation

2 minutes documentation video of the Scalable City installation at the Shanghai Moca: Large Resolution: Scalable City – Quicktime (37.5 Mb) Scalable City – Windows Media (37.6 Mb) Medium Resolution: Scalable City – Quicktime (11.5 Mb) Scalable City – Windows […]


High-Resolution Scalable City scenes shown on massive display

Scalable City 4K cinema scenes shown on 8 Megapixel display at the Waag Society in Amsterdam. Overlays show a comparison with TV and HDTV resolutions.


Scalable City at MOCA Shanghai

REMOTE/CONTROL, the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai’s 10th exhibition, is an investigation of the presence of technology in contemporary art today, and the fraught encounter between these art objects and today’s ‘multi-medial’ spectator. Featuring the work of both international and […]


Ars Electronica Center Installation

Scalable City opens at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria. On exhibit for a year, a three-screen stereo version. The installation is located in the VR Arena. “Take a virtual walking tour of Scalable City. The point of departure […]


We’ve become Input/Output

CNet News takes a look at Scalable City … “an early version of a software application that explores ways in which researchers in fields like video games and urban planning can take advantage of computational power–and in the process automate […]

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